Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From "Hotel Womb" to "Hotel Picon" -- Nursery Fun is starting!

I am as of right now, 27 weeks pregnant -- the average pregnancy is about 40 weeks long, so that's about 13 left to go and there is so much to do to get ready for Baby Picon's arrival!! In the next 3 months I have to transition my office to prepare for my leave of three months (how ever will they survive?) come up with a financial plan with Poppa Picon, Take childbirth classes and get as prepared as possible for the JOY of delivery (yea, that was sarcasm) and PUT TOGETHER THE NURSERY!! I am soooo excited for this :) There was a time when I thought that Baby Picon would have to share a bedroom with us so the fact that he will have his very own room is so wonderful for me. I have so many ideas and thought this would be a good place to put them down so before the work is actually started.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I felt like whether I had a boy or girl I did not want to impose a traditional "color-scheme". I am a girly-girl and I LOVE pink but vowed that if I had a daughter I would not impose this on her.... But, I have to admit - ever since we found out we are expecting a little boy, my heart just melts every time I see BLUE :) I have held back from buying things since I wanted to do most of the shopping towards the end of the pregnancy but I did pick up some blue onesies and PJ's this weekend at Target.... (what?! They were on clearance!) So, for baby Picon's nursery I am going to buckle and incorporate blue because it's just so friggin cute!

Here is a picture of Baby Picon's nursery now (this isn't the greatest picture but its a good space):

First things first --- the walls are white. We actually painted most of the walls white when we first moved in because the previous tenants had some eclectic color choices. At our old place, we went all out and put color on the walls but this time we decided to go with basic white. We thought about just painting Baby Picon's nursery but have decided against it... he will keep his white walls. We do plan however on painting the ceiling! What color do you ask? Well yes, BLUE of course. Here's a great little blurb from an article I read on Pregnancy Today:

Carey Weisinger of Rowlett, Texas, got a brilliant idea for her baby's room. "I bought strings of large star lights and had my husband hang them around the room as a sort of border at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling," she says. "There is usually no stimulation on the ceiling, so I wanted to add some to our nursery. Don't forget the importance of decorating the ceiling or having an interesting, graphic fan, since babies look up so much."

We decided to paint the ceiling blue with big, fluffy white clouds so that Baby Picon can have a great view while lying on his back. I think the blue will really make a "pop" without being too much and will be a great choice for baby. Now about those plain white walls... we purchased some decals from Wallies and I just love them! Here are some pics:

The airplanes idea basically came from the blue ceiling with clouds.... We are not big sports people and Poppa Picon has a love for aviation so this was the obvious choice. I absolutely LOVE the "chalkboard decals" because we can scribble Baby Picon's name onto the airplanes or sweet little messages about how loved he is. I think these decals will make a great addition to the plain white walls.

As for bedding, I'm not sure but i think I might go with a solid color.. yellow I think would be nice to match the yellow in the decals. This is a great set though I'm not sure about the little teddy bear design:

I plan to have the words "You are my Sunshine" put up right above the crib like this:
The furniture in the room will be brown to match my mother's rocking chair that is being passed down to me for Baby Picon. My mom got this rocking chair as a gift from my dad when she was pregnant with me and I have so many great memories of sitting in this chair with her :) I can't wait to read books to Baby Picon in this chair:

Speaking of books... we definitely need a good bookcase for the nursery because Baby Picon will have a well stocked library. I hope to find something at IKEA or a small furniture shop nearby.

The crib has already been selected and should be here in a few weeks! I won't include a picture of that because some things just should be a surprise...

I am so excited for this weekend when the nursery decorating will begin! Do you have any ideas for Baby Picon's nursery? Feel free to let me know, I'd love to hear them.


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