Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Layers 2

Prelude - Impossible Layers 

Multifaceted, multi-colored, blended so well together that the pigments are invisible... a dot of disappointment, a spec of joy, a blotch of anger, a splash of mistakes... the layers come together over the course of time. The layers bleed across the surface and form one colorful mess of a situation. Each dot, spec, blotch that forms can almost always be prevented... but once the layers form, they can be difficult to break apart again.

The sadness, the despair ... the downright confusion that is caused by the layers can almost always be prevented. But we usually don't prevent them do we? Maybe we don't even realize that this tiny spec of anger, this insignificant piece of doubt will begin to run down the pages of our lives and bleed together with other tiny instances and form these impossible layers.

But I'm not only talking about the layers that come from the situations and circumstances in our lives...and how we handle them, sure...  I'm talking about the layers of ME.. the layers of YOU..  the things that have come together to make who I am - the layers that make me tread lightly, fall hard, love deeply, give sacrificially, act selfishly.. the layers that sometimes even contradict each other and pull me in different directions.

The layers that make me want to be different people at times..  each one having a different piece to the puzzle of my personality. The clumsy girl, the introvert, the performer, the writer, the jokester, the dork, the friend, the lover, the relentless fighter... the dreamer.

The layers, they are just me.